Smart Workforce Analytics System

Client: mid-sized retail clothing entity. Objective: Build a workforce analytics and management system to decide on operational and financial needs based on trends and predictive analytics. Solution and Outcome: By

Healthcare Analytics Platform

Client: A small manufacturer of medical wearable devices. Objective: Personalize the medical device system app to suit different needs, lifestyles and health status. Solution and Outcome: Curate a database using

Sentiment Analysis AI

Client: A global brain research institute. Objective: Design a machine-learning model to detect specific nervous system disorders. Solution and Outcome: With the help of electroencephalogram (EEG) device, brain response to

Social Media Data Mining for Ad Targeting

Client: A digital marketing company. Objective: Create an analytics and data processing system to capture consumer’s insights and digital habits for accurate Ad targeting. Solution and Outcome: Data was mined

Business Intelligence System

Client: Car dealership with several branches across the US. Objective: To create a system with a user-friendly dashboard that allows the client to analyze and learn from its competitors’ behaviors

AI for HR

Client: A leading insurance company. Objective: To come up with a smart administrative system that provides ongoing feedback to job candidates and answers their questions in real time while directing

Creative Artificial Intelligence System

Client: French dance choreography institute. Objective: To create computational choreography platform that understands and mimics dancers’ techniques and styles. Solution and outcome: Wearables and Kinect were used to track body