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American Medical Center Laboratories, LLC

In the evolving business world, organizations face the challenge of addressing a matrix of complex issues. 

We aim to guide organizations in understanding and overcoming these challenges.

AMCL accomplishes this mission by providing

Artificial Intelligence Platform Development


Business Consulting Solutions.

Our Services

AI Development

Machine & Deep Learning

Our data science team 

designs and develops a wide range of analytics platforms, customising 

your Artificial Intelligence platform based on our client's needs and industry sector.


Data Solutions

Delivering actionable analytic solutions is our primary aim. For this reason,  we structure projects to guide clients step by step, ensuring no questions are left unanswered. We also specialise in web development and user interface design.

Business Consulting



For organizations of all

sizes, evaluating and implementing business strategies is a 

formidable challenge. We leverage our extensive experience to deliver solutions to our clients. 

Clinical Op


Our team provides support in identifying and caring out domestic/international clinical studies and operations, across a range of healthcare sectors.

Headquartered In The World's Largest Medical Center
Houston, Texas, USA
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