Health Care Journal

HCJ is an Artificial Intelligence-based wellbeing platform that interprets vital measurements, lab results, medical reports and lifestyle trends to provide personalized health tips, predictions, actionable recommendations and education.

HCJ empowers users to recover from illnesses and remain healthy by helping them understand, monitor and track their conditions while providing valuable insights and possible health outcomes.

HCJ is also social platform for users to communicate health tips, concerns, questions and answers.

With its blogs, forums and up-to-date scientific news, it provides users with the latest medical knowledge in an easy to understand manner.

How it works

Step 1

What HCJ needs from you
  • Create a user profile (Your Avatar) with simple information about you.
  • Enter your diseases, medications, allergies, vitals, lab test results, genetic test results and glucose levels.
  • Provide as much medical history as possible including data from wearable devices.
  • Answer some basic questions on lifestyle, psychology, diet and exercise.
  • Add an emergency contact as well who can receive an alert in case of an urgent situation.
  • Continue to feed in information on a daily basis so that it learns your habits and provides personalized outcomes.

Step 2

Receive instant insight
  • Having learnt more about you, HCJ will provide detailed insight and monitoring of your overall health, body mass index, metabolism and hydration levels.
  • Having learnt from billions of data points that we use to train it, HCJournal will predict your biological age and health outcomes in correlation with your current health and lifestyle habits.
  • HCJ will then provide recommendations, advise and guidance to improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • For your medical profile, HCJ will provide you details on every medication you are taking and will check for potentially harmful and dangerous effects of drug combinations.

Step 3

Allow HCJ to access your calendar so as to:
  • Send you overall health reminders to ensure healthy diet, hydration and exercise.
  • Send you pill reminders via email or a text message.
  • Alert you (and your emergency contact if you prefer) on missing dosages or overdosing with instructions on what to do in such situations..

Step 4

For Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Heart Conditions…
  • HCJ acts as a diary that includes accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use tools for tracking such conditions.
  • HCJ will help you interpret and understand your blood pressure readings, glucose level measurements and related lab test results.
  • For diabetes, HCJ Insulin Correction Dose Calculator will allow you to estimate the amount of insulin needed to cover the carbohydrate content of the meal.
  • Keep track of your medications, diet and lifestyle so as to receive guidance, recommendations and alerts accordingly.
  • Receive advise on healthy eating, being active, and track your symptoms to self-manage your conditions.

Step 5

For Epilepsy and Migraines…
  • HCJ also acts as a diary to help manage migraines by logging triggers, frequency, duration, pain locations, intensity and symptoms.
  • It prompts you through a series of questions to track (and stamp on your calendar) how long you have been attack-free.
  • It guides you through relief methods so that the attacks have less effect on your daily tasks.
  • For epilepsy, HCJ helps you by logging seizures, sleep patterns, length, type, triggers, associated symptoms and medications.
  • Lots of useful and up-to-date advise on diet, meditation, and lifestyle tailored to your condition and needs.

Step 6

For Oncology…

HCJ is an incredibly helpful platform for patients suffering from cancer.

It provides up-to-date information on different types of cancer, cancer treatments with administration protocols, side effects and interactions.

Patients can log and track their treatments and receive advice on how to manage their side effects and stress levels.

Patient’s can even receive medications and doctor’s visits reminders.

Through HCJ social platform, patients can connect with people going through something similar. They can further their goals by constantly updating their HCJ and commenting on other patients’ diaries.

Step 7

Instant Analytics…
  • Based on your profile, and regularly collected medical data; HCJ will provide you with a detailed analysis of how you compare to others with the same condition.
  • Learn from statistical analysis to unveil hidden patterns and trends that can help improve your prognosis, outcome and overall wellbeing.
  • HCJ provides predictive analytics to inform you if you are at a higher risk for disease and advise on early interventions, before problems develop.

Step 8

Social Platform…
  • As a social media platform, HCJ is dedicated to connecting users for the safe exchange of knowledge.
  • HCJ allows you to select and decide on who can join your network to ensure the highest levels of privacy.
  • HCJ allows you to ask and answer questions; to discuss your health and wellbeing and to learn from the journeys and experiences of others.
  • No more loneliness and negativity; HCJ aims at positively impacting your life.

Step 9

Education Hub…
  • Designed by health care professionals and trained on medical information, HCJ is an extensive and powerful data source.
  • With weekly health care articles, blogs and news that we post on the platform along with millions that are exchanged regularly among users, you will gain a deeper understanding of your health and well being.
  • Whether it is deciding on a medical treatment option, diet or lifestyle changes; the knowledge provided by HCJ will empower you to make the right choice.

Knowledge Base

  • HCJ is built by health care professionals to ensure the highest level of accuracy and information quality.
  • Powered by computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning, HCJ extracts (in real-time ) valuable insights from medical and scientific data sources.
  • By ingesting your data, HCJ will span MILLIONS of these data sources and health trends to provide you with proper medical interpretations, recommendations, and potential health outcomes.
  • Health reports can be generated on demand downloaded by the user.
  • Output provided is unique, simple and PERSONALIZED.
  • Patient data is safe and can be stored offline or on the cloud.

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