PhD, MBA, MSc, Executive Degree in Artificial Intelligence

Our Values

A word from our CEO:

“Big Data, Analytics and AI solutions are quite complicated and difficult to understand and implement. Customers need more than a vendor; they need a partner. This is who we are and we remain to be fully transparent in our approaches. Our clients can attest that our approach in project design and management is efficient and highly scalable. We deliver in a timely manner with guaranteed client satisfaction. With our deep understanding of customer needs, we are always readily available and dedicated to support and address questions and concerns.”

Dr. Zahra Timsah 

Our Expertise

We understand the market and we will provide you with valuable products and services to optimize your competitiveness, profit, growth and success.

Our team has more than 15 years of cross-industry experience in

  1. data engineering,
  2. analytics,
  3. machine learning,
  4. product development and commercialization.
Our lean and agile team of full-stack data scientists, engineers, application developers and MBA-level business professionals and marketing experts will help you accelerate innovation and implementation of custom machine learning and AI products.

Through our proprietary pre-built products and customized solutions, we will leverage your analytics and technology infrastructure while capturing the hidden patterns and trends in your complex data points to fuel innovation and advancements.

Our Process

We don’t believe in “simple technology” but are firm believers in “simplifying technology” and making it available to companies of all types and sizes. Our approach is to develop, implement and optimize solutions while guiding you throughout the journey.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
We begin by signing a Non Disclosure Agreement to deliver a complete commitment to protect and secure all the sensitive information that is being shared.
Consultation and Project Scoping on a milestone basis
We assess your needs and explore your technical and business goals with in-depth market analysis and deep dive into your current capabilities. This will help us to determine the best strategy for building or customizing solutions to meet your needs in the shortest time possible. This could simply be achieved by using or customizing one of our pre-built solutions. It can also entail building an entire scalable system from scratch for your internal or external use and commercialization.
Rapid Agile Development of Your Project:
With your active engagement and our experience, we manage to bring your project to life. For full transparency, we will provide a written report for every project milestone alongside extensive code testing and quality assurance.
Design: User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)
Upon your request, we can create applications and websites for your project that capture high user engagement.
Final Launch
Whether it is a product or a service that you received from us, we will help you in deployment and seamless integration into your operational processes to avoid system interruptions.
Support & Maintenance
We provide full system support, updates and maintenance as needed. We are always happy to help in any capacity.