Cognitive Sports Analytics


In sports, there is no shortage of data to be interpreted. What is missing is the know how and technology to draw insight from the data. By extracting value from such data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are assisting in sports from coaching to refereeing and broadcasting. Unfortunately, intricate algorithms, lack of domain expertise and AI biases are delaying the full-scale implementation of AI in various aspects of sports.

With our advanced capabilities and domain expertise, we have built a state-of-the-art neural learning platform called Cognitive Sports Analytics to revolutionize the field.

Product Features

Feature 1:

Player Scouting And Player Analysis

Millions of dollars are spent on recruiting players into sports teams. However, it is extremely difficult to apply quantitative metrics to assess a player’s talent for a successful recruitment process.

Our system uses data provided by unstructured and diverse data sets and video coverage from multiple sources to create individual parameters and metrics for player analysis.

With this system, one can select players to match the skill sets required and assess each player’s physical and mental function in different scenarios and situations.

Feature 2:

Match Prediction

Our system is crucial for predicting the results of matches. For example, in a basketball match where massive sets of data are available online: a standard outcome is created.

This is used by the AI to forecast future match results and help in betting. For example, the AI can predict the real probabilities of winning for one team vs. another.

Feature 3:

Enhance Player Performance

Our system uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning to analyze players’ skill levels. For example in Basketball, it calculates the shot accuracy, quality and progress in real-time and over time.

The system can generate key performance indicators such as speed, vertical jump and ball handling to help players enhance their performance.

Advantage Of

Using Cognitive Sports Analytics

Offering insights to stakeholders.

Boosting sports revenue.

Improving fan engagement and experience to help run effective and successful campaigns.


(Monthly for Multiple Users)

  • Access to Structured Data

$ 5 /month

  • Access to Structured Data
  • Access to Basic Analytics Platform

$ 15 /month

  • Access to Structured Data
  • Access to Basic Analytics Platform
  • Access to Match Prediction Model
  • Access to Alerts and Recommendations on Player Performance Enhancement

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