AMCL Drag and Drop Scrapers (ADDS)

AMCL Drag and Drop Scrapers (ADDS)

Because your network is your networth & because data is the most essential business driver…

Turn professional social media networks (like LinkedIn) into a source of data with the power of automation:

  • We call this automation system “AMCL Drag and Drop Scraper.”
  • Social Media scraper will collect every piece of data from a list of profiles, including emails! Scrape profiles and turn them into detailed actionable data sets with the best and most cost effective scraper out there…guaranteed

In few minutes, build a valuable and actionable lists of leads, prospects, potential job candidates and new contacts.

How does it work?

  • Our scraper inputs a list of Profile URLs (either manually or automatic ingestion of URLs) of your choosing via drag and drop. It will visit on your behalf each profile and extract every single publicly available data from it: Name, title, biography, experiences, education, skills, languages, contact information etc
  • All will be summarized in front of you in a simple Excel or CSV format for sorting, comparison or storage.
  • For your first degree connection, you will have access to and export their email addresses and phone number.
  • For people that you are not connected to, AMCL Contact Discovery Service will provide you with a verified professional email addresses per your request.

This scraper can be set on automation to get your results even when you are away from your computer.


$ 50 /Month

  • 100 accounts scraped per day
  • 0 contact discoveries per day

$ 150 /Month

  • 300 account scraped per day
  • 20 contact discoveries per day

$ 300 /Month

  • 600 account scraped per day
  • 40 contact discoveries per day

$ 500 /Month

  • 1200 account scraped per day
  • 60 contact discoveries per day

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