Alpha Leads

Importantly, AL comes with a pre-built professional database of hundreds of highly skilled candidates available for FREE on select packages. These can be used as training data sets for your machine learning platforms or simply to have a library of leads that you can access at your convenience.


  • For HR and Recruitment companies, it can take weeks and even months to find a client looking for a candidate or a suitable candidate for a job.
  • It can cost thousands of dollars in subscriptions to softwares and platforms that promise to find you the right lead or the right client.
  • These softwares can fulfill one or two tasks at best such as finding the contact information of a candidate or a company.
  • Browsing through candidate profiles on professional networks such as LinkedIn can be costly and can be limited to few message exchanges and inmails allowed.


  • Alpha Leads (AL) is a state-of-the-art AI-powered platform that is offered as a SaaS that can be fully integrated into pre-built company workflow and linked to other staffing softwares.
  • AL is an all-in-one software that extracts publically available information on business professionals including contact information and locations. AL acquires and maintains its database by copying data from the internet using a proprietary web crawler then analyzing the copied data to extract information, and storing the information in a database.
  • It also extracts jobs and job descriptions in real time from job boards.
  • It offers a flexible filter that allows you to search by location, business type, specialty…
  • With the power of smart matching, it will present to you potential candidates that are suitable for the job description. This feature can be turned off so that the user can select and compare between candidates manually.
  • AL also offers the ability to contact the candidates on the platform without having to go through the hassle of emailing.
  • Customers AI will create their own proprietary database that is NOT shared with other clients.
  • Every customer will get authentication features to allow for the safe access of their employees to the system.



$ 10 /Month

  • One User
  • Candidate/Client Search and Matching

$ 50 /Month

  • Up to 5 Users
  • Candidate/Client Search and Matching
  • Candidate Analytics Report

$ 150 /Month

  • Up to 10 Users
  • Candidate/Client Search and Matching
  • Candidate Analytics Report
  • Bulk Messaging Option
  • Financial Tracking

$ 250 /Month

  • Up to 50 Users
  • Candidate/Client Search and Matching
  • Candidate Analytics Report
  • Bulk Messaging Option
  • Financial Tracking
  • FREE built-in library of verified professional candidates and clients with contact information and descriptive data
  • Administrative Account Provided to Monitor and Manage Employees’ Accounts and Performance

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