About Us


We are an award-winning boutique Big Data Analytics and Decision Science company that has been revolutionizing industries through the power of technology.



We are innovators, disruptors and creators with deep knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques to design, build, and customize analytics and AI solutions.

We are especially talented at creating cross-industry custom analytics, machine learning and AI products with unmatched user experience.



We work with organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100s; in industries from biotech and pharmaceuticals to finance, recruitment, HR, e-commerce and energy.



Our pre-built platforms and products are the driving force of our capabilities and competitive advantage.
Our domain expertise allows us to better understand your business needs so as to plan and deliver accordingly.
Our ready tools and frameworks will expedite your project delivery time while leveraging your data assets.
Our lean and agile approach reduces the cost associated with hiring and training in-house talent while providing sustainable results.
Background, affiliations, partners and clients
Tap into a pool that is backed by business, educational and scientific experience.

What We Do?

We help organizations derive valuable insights from their data through the implementation of analytics, machine learning and Artificial intelligence.
We also build and deploy custom end-to-end data analytics, machine learning and Artificial intelligence solutions to introduce innovation, optimize speed and efficiency while reducing costs.
We provide end-to-end solutions to tackle challenging problems. From data acquisition to utilization; we build analytics platforms that can identify and report data patterns and trends. This technology helps you stay proactive, mitigate risks and deliver relevant and personalized products; all while optimizing and improving customer experience.
Using advanced deep learning and artificial intelligence, we can help you understand text content or identify/segment/track objects in real time from live image streams or unstructured literature.This will provide you with valuable access to unique data sets and insight into hidden trends and knowledge.
These are used to design and deploy custom solutions by leveraging your data and are unique to your business goals and needs.Our machine learning and artificial intelligence pipelines are cognitive and can provide predictions and recommendations.They can also be easily embedded in your software, workflow and web applications.
We specialize in designing interfaces that transform projects into user-friendly, modern and attractive products.Thus, we help you understand the goals of your project and context-of-use so as to deploy that knowledge in designing your product within the constraints of business and technology.

We Are Professionals For Grow Your Company!

We solve our client’s challenges by virtue of intelligent AI and advanced analytics techniques to realize the promise of building an intelligent business eco-system

Happy Customers

We are trusted by the some of the world’s biggest brands for a good reason!
We are unique

Unlike Our Competitors

Each customer has unique business goals. We follow a multifactorial approach whereby we personalize our solutions, to specifically cater to your technical and operational needs.
We have expertise in developing Big Data, Analytics and AI solutions for all major industries. You name it, we scope it and build it from start to completion.
With technology advancing every day, we understand the need of businesses to be updated. With over 10 years of cross industry expertise, our astute team is uniquely positioned to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to leverage your capabilities.
We value time and money and thus we ensure timely delivery of actionable high-quality services and products.

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